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Donkey-Wall Decals

Donkey Poker Players
Know One? Are One!
$69- A=46in W x 39in H
$79- B=60in W x 52in H
$99- C=79in W x 68in H
$129- D=99in W x 85in H
$159- E=119in W x 102in H




Donkey Wall Decals are ideal decor for animal lovers and poker players alike. Known for their strength and stamina in the transportation and farming world, their name is also used when describing someone who may be dimwitted. It is no wonder why the term “donkey” is now widely used to describe an unskilled poker player. Whether you are making a statement or want to send someone a message, this donkey wall decal will do the trick! Available in 34 high quality matte-finish vinyl color options and 4 sizes, it will compliment your walls with a mural-like finish. Saying “I’m a donkey”, “You’re a donkey” or “I love donkeys” has never been easier. Transform your walls into interesting landscapes in minutes with WALLTAT Wall Decals.


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Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

$69- A=46in W x 39in H, $79- B=60in W x 52in H, $99- C=79in W x 68in H, $129- D=99in W x 85in H, $159- E=119in W x 102in H


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