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Pink Pistol Wall Decals

Pink Pistol Wall Decal

$59- A=30in W x 22in H
$69- B=46in W x 34in H
$79- C=62in W x 46in H
$99- D=79in W x 59in H




Pink Pistol Wall Decals has brought dangerously cute style and color into the world of wall decals.  This realistic gun design has pulled the trigger on modern pop art culture.  A wispy plumes burst out of the barrel in a puff of smoke.  Make a statement in your home or recreation room with this fun design by WALLTAT Wall Decals.

DIY Wall Decal Installation

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

$59- A=30in W x 22in H, $69- B=46in W x 34in H, $79- C=62in W x 46in H, $99- D=79in W x 59in H


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