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Baby Wall Decal-Hot Air Balloon

Baby Wall Decal-Hot Air Balloon

$59- A=46in W x 22in H
$69- B=60in W x 29in H
$79- C=79in W x 38in H
$89- D=96in W x 46in H
$119- E=119in W x 57in H




Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals include an illustrated style of clouds, horizon line and hot air balloon that is drifting away.  This wall decal is dimensioned based on the overall elements of the layout shown.  Desired locations of each element can be decided during installation.  This is the perfect accent for the home, office or children’s room.  Choose from 34 colors and 5 sizes to find the perfect fit for your decor.  Convert your walls into interesting landscapes in minutes with WALLTAT Wall Decals.

DIY Wall Decal Installation

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

$59- A=46in W x 22in H, $69- B=60in W x 29in H, $79- C=79in W x 38in H, $89- D=96in W x 46in H, $119- E=119in W x 57in H


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