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Bird Variety Wall Decals – 22-Pack

Bird Variety Wall Decals (22 Pack)
Our Bird Variety 22-pack, offers you a variety of flying and standing song birds and hummingbirds, along with several butterflies. Cut these birds and butterflies apart to place randomly on your wall or have them sitting on ledges. These are great to spice up a room with little effort! (pictured in Turquoise)

$59 = Largest Bird (5in x 7in), Smallest Bird (4in x 4in)

If you have any questions about our material, please order a sample here




Our Bird Variety 22-pack is available in 32 removable colored vinyl options. It includes a variety of song birds, hummingbirds, and butterflies in different positions.


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$59 = Largest Bird (5in x 7in), Smallest Bird (4in x 4in)


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