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Carnival Swing – Glass Decals

Carnival Swing Glass Decals

$89- A=51in W x 30in H
$99- B=60in W x 35in H
$129- C=79 in W x 46in H
$159- D=99in W x 58in H
$209- E=119in W x 69in H




Carnival Swing Wall Decals will capture your imagination and add interest to ordinary windows.  Glass decals are made of frosted translucent vinyl, visible on windows, doors, skylights, exterior shower enclosures and mirrors.  They are a creative and inexpensive solution for increasing privacy and decreasing sun exposure to make your space more safe and energy efficient. Convert your walls into interesting landscapes in minutes with WALLTAT Wall Decals.

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

$89- A=51in W x 30in H, $99- B=60in W x 35in H, $129- C=79 in W x 46in H, $159- D=99in W x 58in H, $209- E=119in W x 69in H


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