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Mystical Tree-Reflective Decal

Mystical Tree-Reflective Decal
Reflective Mystical Tree Wall Decals is based on a weeping willow, with a curved trunk and an abundance of weeping branches extending down (pictured in Chrome).

If you have any questions about our material, please order a sample here.

A – $69=28in W x 33in H
B – $79=39in W x 46in H
C – $109=51in W x 60 in H
D – $129=61in W x 72in H (size in picture)
E – $159=71in W x 84in H
F – $199=81in W x 95in H




Reflective Mystical Tree Wall Decals uses our polyester reflective film which has a mirror like finish. The material is very thin so it tends to show blemishes beneath the surface.

Wall Decal Installation – Hinge Method

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

A – $69=28in W x 33in H, B – $79=39in W x 46in H, C – $109=51in W x 60 in H, D – $129=61in W x 72in H, E – $159=71in W x 84in H, F – $199=81in W x 95in H


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