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Sleeping Lingo Wall Decals

Sleeping Lingo Wall Decals

$69- A = 32 in W x 22 in H
$79- B = 46 in W x 31 in H
$99- C = 60 in W x 41 in H
$119- D = 79 in W x 53 in H




Sleeping Lingo Wall Decals depicts a restful eye with soothing text that describes a night of blissful slumber.  The horizontal text includes the words drifting, comfort, sleeping, dreaming, silent and rest.  All of those special things we need to recharge our batteries. This design is a two-color overlay.  Choose your main color (eye) and the secondary color (text).  This design is a full-color print on plain white vinyl.  Your wall or door color will serve as the background color leaving a mural-like finish.  Help guests feel welcomed into their sleeping quarters or hotel room with this fun WALLTAT Wall Decal.

DIY Wall Decal Installation

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

$69- A = 32 in W x 22 in H, $79- B = 46 in W x 31 in H, $99- C = 60 in W x 41 in H, $119- D = 79 in W x 53 in H


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