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VW Bug Front-Wall Decals

VW Bug Front-Wall Decal

$69- A=46in W x 40in H
$89- B=60in W x 53in H
$109- C=79in W x 70in H
$129- D=99in W x 87in H
$159- E=119in W x 104in H




VW Bug Front Wall Decals pays homage to an American automotive icon, the volkswagen beetle. This realistic head-on illustration includes intricate body detailing for a maximum designer appeal.  This design is great for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or any room belonging to a fan of the 1960’s!  Available in 34 high quality matte-finish vinyl color options, it will compliment your existing wall finish with a mural-like look. Convert your walls into interesting landscapes in minutes with WALLTAT Wall Decals.

DIY Wall Decal Installation

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

$69- A=46in W x 40in H, $89- B=60in W x 53in H, $109- C=79in W x 70in H, $129- D=99in W x 87in H, $159- E=119in W x 104in H


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