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Lovely Flowers 2-Reflective Decal

Lovely Flowers 2-Reflective Decal
A – $69=36in W x 40in H
B – $79=46in W x 41in H
C – $99=60in W x 55in H
D – $119 = 72in W x 66in H




Reflective Lovely Flowers 1 Wall Decals have a fun hand scribbled characteristics throughout the petals and leaves.  Like nature, these flowers appear to have grown upward towards the sun. Now they are sprouting from the tops of the baseboards or out from behind the furniture! This thin reflective vinyl has a chrome, mirror-like finish that will show wall imperfections if not totally smooth.  Although this material is not an actual mirror, it will reflect light and colors from opposing sides of the room for a dramatic eye catching effect. This design works great for any room of the home or office. Convert your walls into interesting landscapes in just minutes with WALLTAT Wall Decals!

Wall Decal Installation – Hinge Method

Additional information

Weight 0.045359237 lbs

Size (WxH)

A – $69=36in W x 40in H, B – $79=46in W x 41in H, C – $99=60in W x 55in H, D – $119 = 72in W x 66in H


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